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Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen


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  • Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

    Just wandering how many of you guys have a problem with stuff in the backend growing legs and walking off ???
    I know it's always a little problem in most centers with people using tools and stuff and not putting them back, But I have recently had to put locks on both shop doors, and both exit doors in the back.
    Last week the damn air compressor grew some new legs and was sitting by the side exit door all by itself, The night pinchaser noticed it just prior to close. I worked in a center in Fl where there is no shop, and nothing had to be locked up except the exit doors at close, and I don't remember having problems like this, Marty is at that center and I know he doesn't have to tie down the whole backend. I just can't understand why people think the backend and everything in it is community property.
    Do any of you guys have to lock up EVERYTHING to keep it from walking off.

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    Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

    Security in the bowling center is a huge issue with myself. A few years ago in one of our centers we had an early morning robbery that was attempted by someone getting in through the back door by holding the mechanic at gun point.

    A few years ago in the Chicago area some people entered a fast food resturaunt via the back door which had been left unlocked and robbed the place, prior to robbing the place they killed everybody and put them all in the walk in cooler.

    I try to share these stories with my staff's to get the point accross about how dangerous it can be to go outside that back door to the outside, or to leave it unlocked. some guys like to go outside to smoke, meet thier family members or friends, I have seen many tools exit the building out the back door on that one way trip.

    By law we cant bar or chain that door, but at least we can put a buzzer on it so a buzzer at the counter goes off when it is opened. that way someone else in the building knows when it is open.

    Just some thoughts on shop security.

    Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc.


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      Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

      We had that problem a couple years ago. Tools, pro shop stock, money from lockers, and other items of value disappeared on a daily basis.

      At that time I was having problems with one of my pinchasers. He was always late and when he eventually came in he wasn't in much mood to work. Very funny thing happened after we let him go, everything stopped growing legs.

      Steve Mermelstein
      Milton Bowling Center
      Steve Mermelstein


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        Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

        As sad as it is to say, I am afraid that it is a reflection of the world that we live in today. We have had to lock down each department from the snack bar to the lounge to the back end and every thing in between. Food from the snack bar, janitorial supplies from storage. Money disappears almost as fast as we can make it. Unless you catch an employee red handed, there's not much you can do to prosecute.


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          Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

          In the centre where I work, it is a known fact that certain employees dip from their departments, but it dificult to catch them redhanded.

          I am relatively new to this firm, and being the new chief tech is hard enough as it is without all the hassel of theft in the building.

          I have worked down the back (for variour firms) for many years and this is the first time I've had to lock the techs door each time I leave the room.

          It's a sad state of affairs, but the reason I re-joined this company (after many years in the private sector) was under the assurance that things would change for the better.

          It's seems for the first time that the management were being truthful. It showed me that not everone is out only for them selves, which is nice for a change.

          But the best bit is the thief's are being weeded out and sent packing.

          To end on a very personal note : if it were my company, I'd take them out the back and kick the S**t out of them, but thats just me.
          Mystic Lanes
          Mason City, IA 50401


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            Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

            Our Head Mechanic is kicking around the idea of everyone having their own tools. He said he's tired of replacing tools all of the time.


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              Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

              i too am the victim of tool theft

              kids these days have no respect...i have two tool sets...the centers..(which the owner splurged for) and Mine...locked away safe and sound.

              i know of two many stories of spoiled kids stealin tools to fix their cars/beepers/houses. You can only protect community/house property as well as the owner will allow. If you protect it too well not even the owner can get to the tools in a pinch


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                Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

                I have a bar manager by me who will take anything he can get his hands on. Screwdrivers, wrenches, extension cords, and even my own cordless drill. Fortunately I know all his hiding spots and check them several times a month to recover items taken from the shop.


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                  Re: Lock Down The Back End Before it's Stolen

                  We used to have the same problems and when we upgraded are security cameras to color we added 2 of them to the backend. At first it made the mechanics a little nervous but they got over it in time and really if your doing your job you don't have to worry about anything. It helps me alot because if I get a lane that no one can seem to catch what's wrong with it I can review the film and try and catch it. I keep the 27" monitor in my office so I know the tapes are changed on a regular basis. I don't know about the rest of you but I have a lot of money tied up in my tools and I have about the same amount tied up in guns, so you figure it out. I'm not against digging a hole out back if I catch anyone going out the back door with anything.
                  Have Fun

                  David Bolt
                  Champaign, IL
                  USBC Silver Coach
                  IBPSIA BOD
                  IBPSIA Advanced
                  Technical Certified
                  Pro Shops


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