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Worn LBS Rudder Cams

Can worn LBS rudder cams be rehabilitated? Anyone tried?

The edges on these are rounded over, which I think is preventing them from maintaining a good latch when...

82/70 cups springing back

The issue:
After pins are set down on first ball the cups snap back into the horizontal position hard, hitting the tops of the pins and knocking them down (first video)....

82/90 table too low at home position and hanging low on back right side

I am currently having some issues with my lane 5. The table is too low at the home position. This is causing pins to completely fall out when they try to drop into the pin cups...

The AMF dude

Saw this on the back of one of the machines at work. Looks like something you'd find in a box of Lego's, but it has the old amf triangle logo in the middle, just...

Turret 1-7-10 problem

One of my lanes hasn't been indexing past the 1-7-10 occasionally mainly the 7 pin when they call a 180 we go over and tap the pin down then the turret indexes. Any ideas?...

Adsense Tower Right

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